On a holographic model for confinement/deconfinement

On a holographic model for confinement/deconfinement,10.1103/PhysRevD.77.046002,Physical Review D,C. A. Ballon Bayona,Henrique Boschi-Filho,Nelson R.

On a holographic model for confinement/deconfinement   (Citations: 10)
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We study the thermodynamics of the hard wall model, which consists in the introduction of an infrared cut-off in asymptotically AdS spaces. This is a toy model for confining backgrounds in the context of the gauge/gravity correspondence. We use holographic renormalization and reproduce the existence of a Hawking Page phase transition recently discussed by Herzog. We also show that the entropy jumps from $N^0$ to $N^2$, which reinforces the interpretation of this transition as the gravity dual of confinement/deconfinement. We also show that similar results hold for the phenomenologically motivated soft wall model, underlining the potential universality of our analysis.
Journal: Physical Review D - PHYS REV D , vol. 77, no. 4, 2008
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