SNEWS: the SuperNova Early Warning System

SNEWS: the SuperNova Early Warning System,10.1088/1367-2630/6/1/114,New Journal of Physics,Pietro Antonioli,Richard Tresch Fienberg,Rabrice Fleurot,Yo

SNEWS: the SuperNova Early Warning System   (Citations: 8)
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Pietro Antonioli, Richard Tresch Fienberg, Rabrice Fleurot, Yoshiyuki Fukuda, Walter Fulgione, Alec Habig, Jaret Heise, Arthur B. McDonald, Corrinne Mills, Toshio Namba, Leif J. Robinson, Kate Scholberg
This paper provides a technical description of the SuperNova Early Warning System (SNEWS), an international network of experiments with the goal of providing an early warning of a galactic supernova.
Journal: New Journal of Physics - NEW J PHYS , vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 114-114, 2004
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    • ...(SNEWS) that would alert the astronomical community several hours before the optical explosion [8, 9]. For the future IceCube with 4800 optical modules, however, the number of detected Cherenkov photons would be of order 10 6 and thus so large that several...

    Amol S. Digheet al. Detecting the neutrino mass hierarchy with a supernova at IceCube

    • ...Since neutrinos are expected to arrive hours before the optical signal from the SN, the neutrino burst serves as an early warning [10]...
    • ...Firstly, the neutrino burst precedes the optical explosion by several hours so that an early warning can be issued to the astronomical community [10], specifying the direction to look for the explosion...

    Amol Dighea. Supernova neutrinos: production, propagation and oscillations

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