Debugging distributed object applications with the Eclipse platform

Debugging distributed object applications with the Eclipse platform,10.1145/1066129.1066138,Giuliano Mega,Fabio Kon

Debugging distributed object applications with the Eclipse platform   (Citations: 2)
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Debugging distributed applications is a well known challenge within the realm of Computer Science. Common problems faced by developers include: lack of an observable global state, lack of a central location from where to monitor possible states, non-deterministic execution, heisenbugs, and many others. There are currently many good techniques available which could be employed in building a tool for circumventing some of those issues, especially when considering wide-spread middleware-induced models such as Java RMI, CORBA or Microsoft .NET based applications.In this paper, we introduce an extended symbolic debugger for Eclipse which besides usual source-level debugging capabilities, adds to the abstraction pool a distributed thread concept, central to causality in any synchronous-call distributed object application.
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    • ...In the following, we consider three basic debugging scenarios that frequently occur in middlewares to illustrate these issues involving control-flow relationships and non-deterministic relationships among events, especially ones involving causally-connected events (thus effectively extending discussions in recent work on distributed debugging [18, 20])...
    • ...Extending previous work [14, 18, 20, 23] that has highlighted casual relationships as a means to remedy this problem, our approach seamlessly integrates notions of causality with expressive control-flow based event relationships...

    Luis Daniel Benavides Navarroet al. Debugging and Testing Middleware with Aspect-Based Control-Flow and Ca...

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