Breaking a chaos-noise-based secure communication scheme

Breaking a chaos-noise-based secure communication scheme,10.1063/1.1856711,Chaos,Shujun Li,Gonzalo ´ Alvarez,Guanrong Chen,Xuanqin Mou

Breaking a chaos-noise-based secure communication scheme   (Citations: 12)
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This paper studies the security of a secure communication scheme based on two discrete-time intermittently-chaotic systems synchronized via a common random driving signal. Some security defects of the scheme are revealed: 1) the key space can be remarkably reduced; 2) the decryption is insensitive to the mismatch of the secret key; 3) the key-generation process is insecure against known/chosen-plaintext attacks. The first two defects mean that the scheme is not secure enough against brute-force attacks, and the third one means that an attacker can easily break the cryptosystem by approximately estimating the secret key once he has a chance to access a fragment of the generated keystream. Yet it remains to be clarified if intermittent chaos could be used for designing secure chaotic cryptosystems.
Journal: Chaos , vol. 15, no. 1, 2005
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