The Super-Kamiokande Collaboration

The Super-Kamiokande Collaboration,Y. Fukudaa,E. Ichiharaa Hayakawaa,K. Inouea,H. Ishinoa,Y. Itowa,T. Kajitaa,J. Kamedaa,S. Kasugaa,K. Kobayashia,Y. K

The Super-Kamiokande Collaboration   (Citations: 1374)
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Y. Fukudaa, E. Ichiharaa Hayakawaa, K. Inouea, H. Ishinoa, Y. Itowa, T. Kajitaa, J. Kamedaa, S. Kasugaa, K. Kobayashia, Y. Kobayashia, Y. Koshioa, M. Miuraa
A total of 614 upward through-going muons of minimum energy 1.6 GeV are observed by Super-Kamiokande during 537 detector live days. The measured muon flux is (1.74 ± 0.07(stat.) ± 0.02(sys.)) × 10−13cm−2s−1sr−1 compared to an expected flux of (1.97 ± 0.44(theo.)) × 10−13cm−2s−1sr−1. The absolute measured flux is in agreement with the prediction within the errors. However, the zenith angle dependence of the observed upward through-going muon flux does not agree with no-oscillation predictions. The observed distortion in shape is consistent with the �µ ↔ �� oscillation hypothesis with sin2 2� > 0.4 and 1 × 10−3 < �m2 < 1 × 10−1 eV2 at 90 % confidence level.
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    • ...The SNO experiments [15] are consistent with the standard solar model [16] and strong suggest the LMA solution...

    Bipin Singh Korangaet al. Neutrino Mass Hierarchy Above GUT Scale

    • ...The first discoveries of neutrino oscillations arose from observations of the depletions of atmospheric muon-neutrinos [1] and solar electron-neutrinos [2], relative to their expected predictions...

    Carl H. Albrightet al. Possible alternatives to tri-bimaximal mixing

    • ...Neutrino oscillation experiments have produced “smoking guns” for non-zero neutrino mass in the solar neutrino deficit[1], in the excess of p(νe, e+)n reactions in the LSND experiment[2], and from the zenith-angle dependence of the electron-to-muon event ratio in the Super-Kamiokande (SK) data[3] (see also [4, 5, 6])...

    F. T. Avignoneet al. The Majorana 76Ge double-beta decay project

    • ...It is currently known [1]‐[3] that neutrinos oscillate between “flavor” eigenstates (electron-type, muon-type, and tau type) and that such oscillation can only take place if at least one of the states has finite mass...

    Ioan Dafineiet al. Low Temperature Scintillation in ZnSe Crystals

    • ...In recent years, water Cherenkov neutrino detectors have achieved resolutions below 1n s for masses up to 50 kton [33], although fast triggering from liquid and solid scintillators, from UV light in liquefied noble gases and from gaseous detectors still represent viable alternatives...

    L. Ludoviciet al. Electron neutrino tagging through tertiary lepton detection

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