Palantir: A Visualization Tool for the World Wide Web

Palantir: A Visualization Tool for the World Wide Web,Nektarios Papadakakis,Evangelos P. Markatos,Athanasios E. Papathanasiou

Palantir: A Visualization Tool for the World Wide Web   (Citations: 3)
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World Wide Web traffic increases at impressive rate s reaching up to a several million hits (requests/c lients) per day for busy Web servers. To serve all these clients effectively, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of their geo graphic distribution and access patterns. Understanding the geographic distribution of an organization's Web clients is essential in m aking important decisions that will reach the client base more effectively. F or example, replication, caching, and advertisement have been widely used to improve information dissemination. However, these methods will be productive, only if made at strategi c places on the Web, places that are close to the client base. In this paper we present the design and implementat ion of Palantir: a tool that animates world wide we b traffic. The tool displays the origin and magnitude of a Web server's hits eit her in real-time or in batch mode. It can synthesiz e the traffic to several Web server's so as to get a global view of the hits in a multi-site organization. Using Palantir, a user c an get a deep understanding of where a server's clients are located, and thus, how to r each them more effectively.
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