Composable Group Behaviors

Composable Group Behaviors,Perpetual Amoah,Sam Rodriguez,Jyh-Ming Lien,John Maei,Nancy M. Amato,Faculty Mentor

Composable Group Behaviors   (Citations: 3)
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Creating animations involving complex and realistic group behaviors can be a dicult and time consuming task. Automated approaches for animation generation typically involve explicitly dening a set of possible agent behaviors, associating appropriate behaviors with all environmental events, and setting the priorities among various behaviors in every possible situation. Generally, such approaches are pre-tuned to particular situations and are dicult to adapt for other scenarios or for dieren t sets of behaviors. In this paper, we investigate methods to facilitate the generation of complex group behaviors for applications such as games, virtual reality, robotics and biological/ecological simulation. Our general approach is to provide a framework that automatically combines simple composable behaviors into more complex behaviors. Adaptation to new environments and specialization for new tasks or new agent abilities is supported by a \learning" process through which agents select their current behavior based on their prior experiences. We illustrate how our framework can be used to generate pursuit/evasion, laser tag, and shepherding behaviors. Movies can be viewed at
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    • ...In early 2005, Dr. Amato and her group [4] modied this system in order to improve on it. This work focuses on extending the basic behaviors that have already been implemented...
    • ...For more information on the original framework, please read our technical publication number[5],[4]...

    Perpetual Amoahet al. Composable Group Behaviors

    • ...These locomotions are implemented to adhere to the criteria of composable behaviors [13] which allows users to integrate dieren t simpler behaviors, e.g., the shepherd locomotions, into more complex behaviors, e.g., shepherd herding, and also enables users to create their own behaviors more easily...

    Jyh-Ming Lienyet al. Shepherding Behaviors with Multiple Shepherds

    • ...More specifically, we have developed the motion planner for shepherd using adaptive roadmap-based techniques (Bayazit, Lien, and Amato 2002c; 2002b; 2005; Lien et al. 2005b)...

    Jyh-Ming Lienet al. Interactive Planning for Shepherd Motion

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