Numerical heat transfer and fluid flow

Numerical heat transfer and fluid flow,S. V. Patankar

Numerical heat transfer and fluid flow   (Citations: 7383)
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A mathematical description of physical phenomena is given and discretization methods are discussed. Heat conduction is considered along with convection and diffusion, and calculation of the flow field, source-term linearization, irregular geometries, two- and three-dimensional parabolic flow, partially parabolic flows, the finite-element method, and illustrative applications. Attention is given to governing differential equations, the nature of coordinates, the nature of numerical methods, methods of deriving the discretization equations, steady and unsteady one-dimensional conduction, two- and three-dimensional situations, overrelaxation and underrelaxation, and steady one-dimensional convection and diffusion. Discussed applications are related to developing flow in a curved pipe, combined convection in a horizontal tube, melting around a vertical pipe, turbulent flow and heat transfer in internally finned tubes, and a periodic fully developed duct flow.
Published in 1980.
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