AmericanBoardofInternalMedicineMaintenance� ofCertificationProgram�—�PollingResults

AmericanBoardofInternalMedicineMaintenance� ofCertificationProgram�—�PollingResults,Patricia A. Kritek,Jeffrey M. Drazen

AmericanBoardofInternalMedicineMaintenance� ofCertificationProgram�—�PollingResults  
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In early March, we presented the case of a physi- cian who had certificates of unlimited duration from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in both internal medicine and endocrinol- ogy, in Clinical Decisions, 1 an interactive feature designed to assess how readers would manage an issue for which there may be more than one appropriate recommendation. The physician was active at an academic teaching center, although the majority of his time was spent delivering care in the outpatient setting. Readers were asked to advise him to either enroll or not enroll in the ABIM's current maintenance of certification (MOC) program. A total of 2512 votes were cast. (The distribu- tion of the 2466 votes that could be attributed to a continent or region is shown in Fig. 1.) A strik- ing majority (63%) of the votes were for the recommendation not to enroll in the current MOC program. More than 80% of the respon- dents were board-certified physicians. There were interesting differences in voting by physicians with time-unlimited certification (often called "grandfather" status) and those without time- unlimited certification. The recommendation to enroll in the current MOC program was chosen by a greater proportion (39%) of the board-cer- tified physicians without grandfather status, who will need to decide whether to enroll in the MOC program themselves, than board-certified physicians with grandfather status (23%). More than 10% of the readers who voted also
Published in 2010.
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