A high repetition rate VUV-soft X-ray FEL concept

A high repetition rate VUV-soft X-ray FEL concept,10.1109/PAC.2007.4441018,J. Corlett,J. Byrd,M. Gullans,D. Li,S. M. Lidia,H. Padmore,G. Penn,I. Pogor

A high repetition rate VUV-soft X-ray FEL concept   (Citations: 3)
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J. Corlett, J. Byrd, M. Gullans, D. Li, S. M. Lidia, H. Padmore, G. Penn, I. Pogorelov, J. Qiang, D. Robin, F. Sannibale, J. W. Staples
We report on design studies for a seeded FEL light source that is responsive to the scientific needs of the future. The FEL process increases radiation flux by several orders of magnitude above existing incoherent sources, and offers the additional enhancements attainable by optical manipulations of the electron beam: control of the temporal duration and bandwidth of the coherent output, reduced gain length in the FEL, utilization of harmonics to attain shorter wavelengths, and precise synchronization of the X-ray pulse with seed laser systems. We describe an FEL facility concept based on a high repetition rate RF photocathode gun, that would allow simultaneous operation of multiple independent FELs, each producing high average brightness, tunable over the VUV-soft X-ray range, and each with individual performance characteristics determined by the configuration of the FEL. SASE, enhanced-SASE (ESASE), seeded, harmonic generation, and other configurations making use of optical manipulations of the electron beam may be employed, providing a wide range of photon beam properties to meet varied user demands.
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    • ...Inparticular,both the Universityof Wisconsinand Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory have proposals for L-band accelerators operating up to 1 MHz repetition rate [2, 3]. We consider a similar scheme, in which we provideflexible compression for different FEL schemes, and the possibility to provide electron bunches at a variety of energies...


    • ...One option is a highrepetition-rate source based on TESLA-type superconducting L-band accelerating modules, and is described further in a separate paper [3]; such an approach is also being considered elsewhere [2, 4]. We propose a scaleable design which allows staged construction from an initial electron energy of 735 MeV, and which provides flexible compression to deliver a variety of bunch lengths for different types of photon output ...
    • ...The design assumes an adapted XFEL injector operating at 1 kHz repetition rate [6], but eventual operation up to 1 MHz may be possible with an alternative injector design [3, 2, 5]...

    P. H. Williamset al. Collective Effects in a Short-Pulse FEL Driver

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