A revised taxonomy of mobility-related requirements

A revised taxonomy of mobility-related requirements,10.1109/ICUMT.2009.5345350,Sundar Gopalakrishnan,Guttorm Sindre

A revised taxonomy of mobility-related requirements   (Citations: 1)
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Today the mobile information system is growing fast with increased requirements engineering challenges. For this particular type of requirements, it is needed to explore more frequently than others. Already there exist taxonomies that explored less of quality requirements and mobility. But this paper proposes an improved taxonomy of mobility-related requirements, which is a revised version of earlier studies provided by us. Structurally, the taxonomy is much inspired by taxonomies by Firesmith for safety and security-related requirements and technology acceptance model concepts. This research work has been undertaken with an IS perspective and the concept of mobility on relating the mobility and safety/security taxonomies. The proposed taxonomy is revised from earlier version since it can serve with better guidelines on how to write mobility-related requirements and provides complete checklists.
Conference: Ultra Modern Telecommunications - ICUMT , pp. 1-7, 2009
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    • ...For mobile information systems another question emerges, namely WHERE? Most naively this can be considered in a purely geographical sense – where is a certain activity supposed to be performed or a certain service supposed to be offered? However, it can also be considered from a multi-channel [12] point of view – through which kind of equipment is the functionality going to be offered? [13] [14] Or from the point of view of the working ...

    Sundar Gopalakrishnanet al. Alternative Process Notations for Mobile Information Systems

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