MetaH support for real-time multi-processor avionics

MetaH support for real-time multi-processor avionics,10.1109/WPDRTS.1997.637858,Steve Vestal

MetaH support for real-time multi-processor avionics   (Citations: 27)
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MetaH is a language for describing the software and hardware architecture of real-time fault-tolerant securely partitioned avionics systems. The MetaH toolset supports, among other things, real-time schedulability analysis and the automatic generation of “glue” code that implements real-time message passing and process dispatching for a class of multi-processor target architectures. We describe the development methodology and typical requirements that motivated the language and tools. We give an overview of the message and process scheduling methods used in the current toolset and briefly discuss research to extend this approach to larger-scale distributed systems such as fire control and air traffic control
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