Implicit Online Learning

Implicit Online Learning,Brian Kulis,Peter L. Bartlett

Implicit Online Learning   (Citations: 3)
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Online learning algorithms have recently risen to prominence due to their strong theoretical guar- antees and an increasing number of practical ap- plications for large-scale data analysis problems. In this paper, we analyze a class of online learn- ing algorithms based on fixed potentials and non- linearized losses, which yields algorithms with implicit update rules. We show how to effi- ciently compute these updates, and we prove re- gret bounds for the algorithms. We apply our for- mulation to several special cases where our ap- proach has benefits over existing online learning methods. In particular, we provide improved al- gorithms and bounds for the online metric learn- ing problem, and show improved robustness for online linear prediction problems. Results over a variety of data sets demonstrate the advantages of our framework.
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