Development of a System for Drawing Test

Development of a System for Drawing Test,10.1109/ICIS.2010.99,Yasunori Shiono,Megumi Uetsuhara,Hideo Shibutani,Chieko Kato,Kensei Tsuchida

Development of a System for Drawing Test  
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Various stresses exist in contemporary society. They arise from a number of causes such as human relationships and business and their perceptions differ widely in individuals. In our study, we aim to enable user to take their psychological tests and to have their counseling on the Web in order to solve their mental health problems, with a focus on psychological testing, we constructed drawing test system for the tree test and sand-play therapy. In this paper, we report on our drawing test system. Clients can draw trees by choosing and placing the parts of the tree on a computer. It is possible to determine how the client draws the tree at the beginning and erase the parts. Counselors then can provide psychological support to clients by the drawing test system.
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