A calendar oriented service for smart home

A calendar oriented service for smart home,Yuan-Chih Yu,Shing-chern D. You,Dwen-Ren Tsai

A calendar oriented service for smart home   (Citations: 2)
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As the development for ubiquitous computing, services for smart home will not only be limited at the household space. The scope of services will stride beyond the geographical constraint, and the service will supports the activities of each home member even out of home. Services based on each home member's schedule will form a type of calendar centered service, that is, a home calendar included all household members' expectation. Through the supporting members' activities from calendar service, it will provide an environment with more possibility of ambient intelligence. In this paper, we propose a service model based on home calendar to support ambient intelligence in the smart home. By means of events derived from the interaction of member's activities, we can provide more intelligent and integrated function for the smart home. The influence will be reflected on the support for each home member's activities no matter where he is at home or not. Such a smart service will inspire new application in the domain of smart home and demonstrate a new type of home living for the future world.
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    • ...Some scholars propose some service models for smart home, such as a calendar oriented service for smart home to support ambient intelligent and integrated function [8], the interactive smart home simulator focusing on controlling and simulating the behavior of an intelligent house [9], and intelligent oven in smart home environment for manipulating recommended healthy recipe choices to suit each family member health concerns [10]...

    Haijun Guaet al. The design of smart home platform based on Cloud Computing

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