Opportunistic Relay Selection in Future Green Multihop Cellular Networks

Opportunistic Relay Selection in Future Green Multihop Cellular Networks,10.1109/VETECF.2010.5594387,Lei Hong,Fan Wang Xiao,Peter H. J. Chong

Opportunistic Relay Selection in Future Green Multihop Cellular Networks   (Citations: 1)
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Continuous growth of cellular subscribers as well as demands for high-speed and high-quality multimedia services have made it necessary to increase system capacity and data rate. On the other hand, the energy consumed goes up accordingly as the data rates increases. Therefore, designing an efficient resources allocation scheme and architecture to improve the output performance and reduce energy consumption will be the focus for future research. In this paper, we propose an opportunistic relay selection technique to save energy consumption for future Green multihop cellular networks. Then, we developed a comprehensive simulation model with consideration of path loss, shadowing, inter-cell and intra-cell interference and other service requests for both single hop and multi-hop TDD-CDMA based cellular system to conduct a deep investigation of energy consumption including the hardware energy for different RS selection under various time slot allocation schemes.
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    • ...The host-to-host modes supported in the 3G, 3G+ and 4G networks, such as tethering and multi-hop, will possibly improve the scalability and the energy efficiency of mobile networks [98, 99]...
    • ...Although [99] proposes an opportunistic relay selection method for the greenness of multihop transmission in cellular networks, due to lack of practical implementation, many crucial issues are still unexplored, including the efficient pre-fetching and caching algorithms, the balancing problems of energy and traffic load among tethered end-hosts, as well as the pricing and security issues...

    Xiaofei Wanget al. A Survey of Green Mobile Networks: Opportunities and Challenges

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