Semantics-based change impact analysis for heterogeneous collections of documents

Semantics-based change impact analysis for heterogeneous collections of documents,10.1145/1860559.1860580,Serge Autexier,Normen Müller

Semantics-based change impact analysis for heterogeneous collections of documents   (Citations: 1)
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An overwhelming amount of documents is produced and changed every day in most areas of our everyday life, such as, for instance, business, education, research or administration. The documents are seldom isolated artifacts but are related to other documents. Therefore changing one document possibly requires adaptations to other documents. Although dedicated tools may provide some assistance when changing documents, they often ignore other documents or documents of a different type. To resolve that discontinuity, we present a framework that embraces existing document types and supports the declarative specification of semantic annotation and propagation rules inside and across documents of different types, and on which basis we define change impact analysis for heterogeneous collections of documents. The framework is implemented in the tool GMoC which can be used to semantically annotate collections of documents and to analyze the impacts of changes made in different documents of a collection.
Conference: ACM Symposium on Document Engineering - DocEng , pp. 97-106, 2010
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    • ...Change management makes use of the fact that MKM formats explicitly represent the relations between objects to compute related objects and predict the way changes affect them; see [1, 8, 18] for recent progress in this field...
    • ...To perform the impact analysis the document broker uses the GMoC 2 tool ([1] see below) to compute the effect of the change on all documents maintained by the document broker...
    • ...The key idea to design change impact analysis (CIA) for informal documents is the explicit semantics method which represents both the syntax parts (i.e., the documents) and the intentional semantics contained in the documents in a single, typed hyper-graph (see [1] for details)...

    Serge Autexieret al. Workflows for the Management of Change in Science, Technologies, Engin...

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