A certified framework for compiling and executing garbage-collected languages

A certified framework for compiling and executing garbage-collected languages,10.1145/1863543.1863584,Andrew McCreight,Tim Chevalier,Andrew P. Tolmach

A certified framework for compiling and executing garbage-collected languages   (Citations: 3)
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We describe the design, implementation, and use of a machine- certified framework for correct compilation and execution of pro- grams in garbage-collected languages. Our framework extends Leroy's Coq-certified Compcert compiler and Cminor intermediate language. We add: (i) a new intermediate language, GCminor, that includes primitives for allocating memory in a garbage-collected heap and for specifying GC roots; (ii) a precise, low-level specifica- tion for a Cminor library for garbage collection; and (iii) a proven semantics-preserving translation from GCminor to Cminor plus the GC library. GCminor neatly encapsulates the interface between mutator and collector code, while remaining simple and flexible enough to be used with a wide variety of source languages and collector styles. Front ends targeting GCminor can be implemented using any compiler technology and any desired degree of verifi- cation, including full semantics preservation, type preservation, or informal trust. As an example application of our framework, we describe a compiler for Haskell that translates the Glasgow Haskell Com- piler's Core intermediate language to GCminor. To support a simple but useful memory safety argument for this compiler, the front end uses a novel combination of type preservation and runtime checks, which is of independent interest.
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    • ...Dargaye [13] has adapted the Compcert framework to a compiler for a pure mini-ML language, and McCreight et al. [19] have extended it to support interfacing with a garbage collector...
    • ...They prove in Coq that various collectors implement this interface, and that various mutator programs respect it. In more recent work, Mc-Creight et al. [19] extend Leroy’s Compcert compiler [18] with support for garbage collection, by building the mutator-collector interface into the design of a new intermediate language, GCminor...

    Chung-Kil Huret al. A kripke logical relation between ML and assembly

    • ...Recently, Leroy’s Coq-verified C compiler [14], which targets PowerPC, ARM and 32-bit x86 assembly, has been extended with new front-ends that makes it compile MiniML [4] and a garbage-collected source language [16]...
    • ...Our runtime uses a verified copying garbage collector similar to the sample collector in McCreight et al. [16], but less than 10% of our proof scripts are directly concerned with verification of our garbage collector and interfacing with it; our approach to this is unchanged from our previous paper [18]...

    Magnus O. Myreenet al. A Verified Runtime for a Verified Theorem Prover

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