Elements of Sketching with Words

Elements of Sketching with Words,10.1109/GrC.2010.47,B. Mohammed Imran,M. M. Sufyan Beg

Elements of Sketching with Words  
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In modern day crimes and terrorism, it has become imperative to identify by features the criminals who are involved and who have caused such a disaster. The current work is a basic step towards such an important identification process. In this direction, we begin our work with the identification of fuzzy geometric shapes, which resemble with the actual geometric shapes fuzzily. Zadeh proposed Computing with Words (CW) which deals with perceptions, where the perceptions are mostly fuzzy, while the measurements are always found to be crisp. On the similar lines, Sketching with Words (SW) is a technique in which the objects of sketching are the perceptions described in uncertain, vague, imprecise words and prepositions described in Natural Language (NL). We propose SW here to represent geometric figures using membership functions to estimate f-geometry.
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