Editor-in-Chief,Robert L. Pego,A. L. Bertozzi,A. Bressan,E. A. Carlen,G.-Q. Chen,A. Cohen,W. Dahmen,G. Dal Maso,A. DeSimone,G. Dolzmann,J. Escher,M. E

Editor-in-Chief   (Citations: 6)
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Robert L. Pego, A. L. Bertozzi, A. Bressan, E. A. Carlen, G.-Q. Chen, A. Cohen, W. Dahmen, G. Dal Maso, A. DeSimone, G. Dolzmann, J. Escher, M. Escobedohttp://academic.research.microsoft.com/io.ashx?type=5&id=14198668&selfId1=0&selfId2=0&maxNumber=12&query=
Published in 2011.
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