Technology for Care Networks of Elders

Technology for Care Networks of Elders,10.1109/MPRV.2004.1316814,IEEE Pervasive Computing,Sunny Consolvo,Peter Roessler,Brett E. Shelton,Anthony LaMar

Technology for Care Networks of Elders   (Citations: 63)
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C hances are that in your lifetime, you will both care for an elder and be cared for as an elder. Many people who are not professional caregivers are involved in caring for an elder, particularly when the elder lives at home. The potentially demanding responsibilities involved in that care affect the lives of these people. We performed a user study that initially focused on developing information systems to reduce stress for elders' caregivers and concerned family members. Although we expected to find several people providing care and hav- ing concern for the elder, we were surprised at the broad range of people involved in the care and the extent to which car- ing for the elder affected their personal lives. We observed uneven distribution of responsi- bility, miscommunication, mis- understanding, distrust, unmet care needs, and neg- ative impact on the careers and personal needs of the individuals involved. These issues were largely due to problems of coordinating the elder's care. Technology can help people coordinate these activities. However, no one has thoroughly ana- lyzed eldercare from the entire support network's
Journal: IEEE Pervasive Computing , vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 22-29, 2004
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