Micro Hydro Energy Resources in Bangladesh: A Review

Micro Hydro Energy Resources in Bangladesh: A Review,M. A. Wazed,Shamsuddin Ahmed

Micro Hydro Energy Resources in Bangladesh: A Review   (Citations: 2)
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A reliable, affordable and secure supply of energy is important for economic development. This has been true for the past and present and will remain valid for the future. However, over time, changes have taken and will take place with regard to energy use, both with regard to the amount as well as with regard to the type of energy used. Many factors have played a role in bringing these changes. Availability, security of supplies, price, ease of handling and use, external factors like technological development, introduction of subsidies, environmental constraints and legislation are some of these factors. The following research paper is an in-depth scenario and analysis of the micro hydro energy in Bangladesh. W e represent a look into a time tested, yet underused technology driven by water. Included within this document is an introduction to micro hydro system and how they apply specifically to power generation. Yet the source of micro hydro energy (lakes, rivers, and streams) remains untapped. The exploitable hydro capability in Bangladesh is one of the foremost primary energy resources but the current utilization of this potential is very low. The overall energy scenario will be ameliorated, if this exploitable source of energy could be harnessed using sustainable technology.
Published in 2008.
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