Revisiting the PERT mean and variance

Revisiting the PERT mean and variance,10.1016/j.ejor.2010.08.014,European Journal of Operational Research,José Manuel Herrerı´as-Velasco,Rafael Herrer

Revisiting the PERT mean and variance  
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Difficulties with the interpretation of the parameters of the beta distribution let Malcolm et al. (1959) to suggest in the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) their by now classical expressions for the mean and variance for activity completion for practical applications. In this note, we shall provide an alternative for the PERT variance expression addressing a concern raised by Hahn (2008) regarding the constant PERT variance assumption given the range for an activity’s duration, while retaining the original PERT mean expression. Moreover, our approach ensures that an activity’s elicited most likely value aligns with the beta distribution’s mode. While this was the original intent of Malcolm et al. (1959), their method of selecting beta parameters via the PERT mean and variance is not consistent in this manner.
Journal: European Journal of Operational Research - EJOR , vol. 210, no. 2, pp. 448-451, 2011
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