BlinkWrite: efficient text entry using eye blinks

BlinkWrite: efficient text entry using eye blinks,10.1007/s10209-010-0188-6,Universal Access in The Information Society,I. Scott MacKenzie,Behrooz Ash

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In this paper, a new text entry system is proposed, implemented, and evaluated. BlinkWrite provides a communication gateway for cognitively able motor-impaired individuals who cannot use a traditional eye-tracking system. In contrast to most hands-free systems, BlinkWrite allows text to be entered and corrected using a single input modality: blinks. The system was implemented using a scanning ambiguous keyboard, a new form of scanning keyboard that allows English text to be entered in less than two scanning intervals per character. In a user study, 12 participants entered text using the system with three settings for scanning interval: 1,000, 850, and 700 ms. An average text entry rate of 4.8 wpm was observed with accuracy >97%. The highest average text entry rate was achieved with the scanning interval of 850 ms.
Journal: Universal Access in The Information Society - UAIS , vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 69-80, 2011
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    • ...Several interesting technologies and solutions have emerged such as blink-based text entry [7] and voice-based mouse cursor control [4]...
    • ...For users with severe disabilities who are not able to use their arms, the mouse button clicks can be emulated in different ways, for example, using blinks [7, 10], intentional muscle contractions [1, 3] or a sip-and-puff straw [12]...

    Rados Javanovicet al. MarkerMouse: Mouse Cursor Control Using a Head-Mounted Marker

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