Design of reliable control systems

Design of reliable control systems,10.1109/9.119629,IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control,Robert J. Veillette,J. B. Medanic,William R. Perkins

Design of reliable control systems   (Citations: 297)
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A methodology for the design of reliable centralized and decentralized control systems is developed. The resulting control systems are reliable in that they provide guaranteed stability and H ∞ performance not only when all control components are operational, but also for sensor or actuator outages in the centralized case, or for control-channel outages in the decentralized case. Reliability is guaranteed provided these outages occur only within a prespecified subset of control components. Strongly stabilizing designs are also developed, for both centralized and decentralized systems
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control - IEEE TRANS AUTOMAT CONTR , vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 290-304, 1992
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