Dynamic Quorums for DHT-based P2P Networks

Dynamic Quorums for DHT-based P2P Networks,10.1109/NCA.2005.17,Roberto Baldoni,Leonardo Querzoni,Antonino Virgillito,Ricardo Jiménez-peris,Marta Patiñ

Dynamic Quorums for DHT-based P2P Networks   (Citations: 3)
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Peer-to-peer systems (P2P)have become a popular tech- nique to architect decentralized systems. However, despite its popularity most P2P systems consist in simple applica- tions such as file sharing or chat systems. The main reason is that more complex applications require levels of consis- tency that nowadays are not offered by P2P systems. In this paper, we explore how to provide consistency based on distributed mutual exclusion via quorum systems in DHT- based P2P networks. Our results show that quorum systems applied directly to such networks are not scalable due to the high traffic imposed onto the underlying network. The paper introduces some design principles for both quorum systems and protocols using them that help to boost their performance. These design principles consist in dynamic and decentralized selection of quorums and in the exposi- tion and exploitation of internals of the DHT such as the finger table. We show that by combining both design prin- ciples it is possible to minimize the number of visited sites and the latency needed to obtain a quorum.
Conference: Network Computing and Applications - NCA , pp. 91-100, 2005
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