Statistical Background Subtraction for a Mobile Observer

Statistical Background Subtraction for a Mobile Observer,10.1109/ICCV.2003.1238315,Eric Hayman,Jan-olof Eklundh

Statistical Background Subtraction for a Mobile Observer   (Citations: 48)
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Statistical background modelling and subtraction has proved to be a popular and effective class of algorithms for segmenting independently moving foreground objects out from a static background, without requiring any a priori in- formation of the properties of foreground objects. This pa- per presents two contributions on this topic, aimed towards robotics where an active head is mounted on a mobile ve- hicle. In periods when the vehicle's wheels are not driven, camera translation is virtually zero, and background sub- traction techniques are applicable. Parts of this work are also highly relevant to surveillance and video conferencing. The first part of the paper presents an efficient proba- bilistic framework for when the camera pans and tilts. A unified approach is developed for handling various sources of error, including motion blur, sub-pixel camera motion, mixed pixels at object boundaries, and also uncertainty in background stabilisation caused by noise, unmodelled ra- dial distortion and small translations of the camera. The second contribution regards a Bayesian approach to specifically incorporate uncertainty concerning whether the background has yet been uncovered by moving foreground objects. This is an important requirement during initiali- sation of a system. We cannot assume that a background model is available in advance since that would involve stor- ing models for each possible position, in every room, of the robot's operating environment. Instead the background model must be generated online, very possibly in the pres- ence of moving objects.
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