Disentangling neutrino oscillations

Disentangling neutrino oscillations,10.1016/j.physletb.2009.06.020,Physics Letters B,Andrew G. Cohen,Sheldon L. Glashow,Zoltan Ligeti

Disentangling neutrino oscillations   (Citations: 4)
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The theory underlying neutrino oscillations has been described at length in the literature. The neutrino state produced by a weak decay is usually portrayed as a linear superposition of mass eigenstates with, variously, equal energies or equal momenta. We point out that such a description is incorrect, that in fact, the neutrino is entangled with the other particle or particles emerging from the decay. We offer an analysis of oscillation phenomena involving neutrinos (applying equally well to neutral mesons) that takes entanglement into account. Thereby we present a theoretically sound proof of the universal validity of the oscillation formulæ ordinarily used. In so doing, we show that the departures from exponential decay reported by the GSI experiment cannot be attributed to neutrino mixing. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the ‘Mössbauer’ neutrino oscillation experiment proposed by Raghavan, while technically challenging, is correctly and unambiguously describable by means of the usual oscillation formalæ.
Journal: Physics Letters B - PHYS LETT B , vol. 678, no. 2, pp. 191-196, 2009
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