Entropy identity and equilibrium conditions in relativistic thermodynamics

Entropy identity and equilibrium conditions in relativistic thermodynamics,10.1007/s10714-008-0705-6,General Relativity and Gravitation,W. Muschik,H.-

Entropy identity and equilibrium conditions in relativistic thermodynamics  
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Starting out with the balance equations for energy-momentum, spin, particle and entropy density, an approach is considered which represents a framework for special- and general-relativistic continuum thermodynamics. A general entropy density 4-vector, containing particle, energy-momentum, and spin density contributions, is introduced. This makes possible, firstly, to test special entropy density 4-vectors used by other authors with respect to their generality and validity and, secondly, to determine entropy supply and entropy production. Using this entropy density 4-vector, material-independent equilibrium conditions are discussed. While in literature, generally thermodynamic equilibrium is determined by introducing a variety of conditions by hand, the present approach proceeds as follows: For a comparatively wide class of space–time geometries, the necessary equilibrium conditions of vanishing entropy supply and vanishing entropy production are exploited. Because these necessary equilibrium conditions do not determine the equilibrium, supplementary conditions are added systematically motivated by the requirement that also all parts of the necessary conditions have to be fixed in equilibrium.
Journal: General Relativity and Gravitation - GEN RELATIV GRAVIT , vol. 41, no. 6, pp. 1285-1304, 2009
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