Overview of RFX-mod results

Overview of RFX-mod results,10.1088/0029-5515/49/10/104019,Nuclear Fusion,Piero Martin,Maria Ester Puiatti,J. Adamek,M. Agostini,A. Alfier,S. V. Annib

Overview of RFX-mod results   (Citations: 5)
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Piero Martin, Maria Ester Puiatti, J. Adamek, M. Agostini, A. Alfier, S. V. Annibaldi, V. Antoni, F. Auriemma, O. Barana, M. Baruzzo, P. Bettini, T. Bolzonella
With the exploration of the MA plasma current regime in up to 0.5 s long discharges, RFX-mod has opened new and very promising perspectives for the reversed field pinch (RFP) magnetic configuration, and has made significant progress in understanding and improving confinement and in controlling plasma stability. A big leap with respect to previous knowledge and expectations on RFP physics and performance has been made by RFX-mod since the last 2006 IAEA Fusion Energy Conference. A new self-organized helical equilibrium has been experimentally achieved (the Single Helical Axis---SHAx---state), which is the preferred state at high current. Strong core electron transport barriers characterize this regime, with electron temperature gradients comparable to those achieved in tokamaks, and by a factor of 4 improvement in confinement time with respect to the standard RFP. RFX-mod is also providing leading edge results on real-time feedback control of MHD instabilities, of general interest for the fusion community.
Journal: Nuclear Fusion - NUCL FUSION , vol. 49, no. 10, 2009
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    • ...Example laboratory experiments included here are Magnetic Reconnection Experiment or MRX [2], Reversed Field Pinch Experiment or RFX [3] and large tokamaks, e.g...

    A. Vaivadset al. EIDOSCOPE : particle acceleration at plasma boundaries

    • ...The new machine, RFX-mod, went back into operation in late 2004 and, thanks to the new active MHD plasma instability control, has been able to produce reproducible plasma discharges with extended duration and current close to its target design parameters (2MA for 0.25s) and to explore enhanced confinement scenarios [15]...
    • ...As a result of the combined effect of these power supplies, the power deposition due to plasma-wall interaction was greatly reduced and spread around the overall wall surface, with significant improvements of plasma performance in terms of pulse duration and maximum plasma current [15]...
    • ...It is characterized by a robust core electron transport barrier and a consequent improvement of confinement by a factor of four with respect to the previous best performance [15]...

    V. Toigoet al. The role of power electronics in the advances on plasma performance an...

    • ...wall unlocking of m=1 resistive kink tearing modes [6], ushering in 1.5 MA operation, which is now routinely executed [7, 8]...

    A. Luchettaet al. Technology Progress in Real-time Control of MHD Modes at RFX-mod

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