An Experimental Study on Kr Gas-puff Z-pinch

An Experimental Study on Kr Gas-puff Z-pinch,10.1088/1009-0630/4/3/011,Plasma Science & Technology,Bin Kuai,Pei-tian Cong,Zheng-zhong Zeng,Ai-ci Qiu,M

An Experimental Study on Kr Gas-puff Z-pinch   (Citations: 1)
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Kr gas-puff Z-pinch experiment performed recently on Qiang-guang I pulsed power generator is reported. The generator has a 1.5 MA current with a pulse width of 100 ns. The total x-ray energy as well as its spectrum has been obtained, and the average power of x-ray radiation in 50-700 eV measured by XRDs is 2 TW. The generator configuration, gas-puff load assembly and diagnostic system for the experiments are described.
Journal: Plasma Science & Technology - PLASMA SCI TECHNOL , vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 1329-1334, 2002
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