Exploring portals to a hidden sector through fixed targets

Exploring portals to a hidden sector through fixed targets,10.1103/PhysRevD.80.095024,Physical Review D,Brian Batell,Maxim Pospelov,Adam Ritz

Exploring portals to a hidden sector through fixed targets   (Citations: 10)
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We discuss the sensitivity of neutrino experiments at the luminosity frontier to generic hidden sectors containing new (sub)-GeV neutral states. The weak interaction of these states with the standard model can be efficiently probed through all of the allowed renormalizable ``portals'' (in the Higgs, vector, and neutrino sectors) at fixed target proton beam facilities, with complementary sensitivity to colliders. We concentrate on the kinetic-mixing vector portal, and show that certain regions of the parameter space for a new U(1)S gauge sector with long-lived sub-GeV mass states decaying to standard model leptons are already severely constrained by the data sets at LSND, MiniBooNE, and NuMI/MINOS. Furthermore, scenarios in which portals allow access to stable neutral particles, such as MeV-scale dark matter, generally predict that the neutrino beam is accompanied by a ``dark matter beam,'' observable through neutral-current-like interactions in the detector. As a consequence, we show that the LSND electron recoil event sample currently provides the most stringent direct constraint on MeV-scale dark matter models.
Journal: Physical Review D - PHYS REV D , vol. 80, no. 9, 2009
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