Single-sector supersymmetry breaking in supersymmetric QCD

Single-sector supersymmetry breaking in supersymmetric QCD,10.1103/PhysRevD.81.095020,Physical Review D,Sebastián Franco,Shamit Kachru

Single-sector supersymmetry breaking in supersymmetric QCD   (Citations: 12)
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We construct examples of single-sector supersymmetry breaking based on simple deformations of supersymmetric QCD with (weakly) gauged flavor group. These theories are calculable in a weakly coupled Seiberg dual description. In these models, some of the particles in the first two generations of quarks and leptons are composites of the same strong dynamics which leads to dynamical supersymmetry breaking. Such models can explain the hierarchies of Yukawa couplings in the standard model, in a way that predictively correlates with the spectrum of supersymmetry-breaking soft terms.
Journal: Physical Review D - PHYS REV D , vol. 81, no. 9, 2010
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    • ...not only because it yields a viable SUSY spectrum, but also because it is motivated by many interesting SUSY scenarios [5, 6] including more recent work in split SUSY [7–9], PeV-scale SUSY [10], and single sector SUSY breaking [11, 12]...

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    • ...1 The original models of [1, 2] contained strongly coupled incalculable effects; in [3] it was understood...
    • ...Q)5 , (2.13) as in [3]. In the magnetic theory, this gives masses λ� to the unwanted representations...
    • ...We have argued that SQCD with flavors and an adjoint, plus an appropriate superpotential, can simultaneously generate dynamically the electroweak scale, explain the flavor hierarchies (as in [3, 4]) and produce a realistic low energy spectrum...

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    • ...This vacuum may be useful when exploring the types of model outlined in [10]...

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