Lepton-mediated electroweak baryogenesis

Lepton-mediated electroweak baryogenesis,10.1103/PhysRevD.81.063506,Physical Review D,Daniel J. H. Chung,Bjorn Garbrecht,Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf,Sean

Lepton-mediated electroweak baryogenesis   (Citations: 3)
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We investigate the impact of the tau and bottom Yukawa couplings on the transport dynamics for electroweak baryogenesis in supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model. Although it has generally been assumed in the literature that all Yukawa interactions except those involving the top quark are negligible, we find that the tau and bottom Yukawa interaction rates are too fast to be neglected. We identify an illustrative "lepton-mediated electroweak baryogenesis" scenario in which the baryon asymmetry is induced mainly through the presence of a left-handed leptonic charge. We derive analytic formulae for the computation of the baryon asymmetry that, in light of these effects, are qualitatively different from those in the established literature. In this scenario, for fixed CP-violating phases, the baryon asymmetry has opposite sign compared to that calculated using established formulae.
Journal: Physical Review D - PHYS REV D , vol. 81, no. 6, 2010
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    • ...[12, 13] that the value of tan β could play a decisive role in the transport dynamics that convert the bino-driven Higgsino asymmetry into a lefthanded SM fermion number asymmety — the quantity that ultimately biases the sphalerons into making baryons...
    • ...[12, 13]. Earlier work had assumed that the CP-conserving, particle number changing processes were dominated by stop quark (squark) Yukawa interactions, given the large value of the top Yukawa coupling relative to that of the other (s)fermions...
    • ...Here, we treat the dependence of YB on mA according to the two-loop results presented in [21], and the dependence on tan β according to the full treatment outlined in [12, 13]...

    Vincenzo Ciriglianoet al. MSSM baryogenesis and electric dipole moments: an update on the phenom...

    • ...We include transport coefficients for bottom and tau Yukawa interactions, recently shown to play an important role in MSSM baryogenesis [51]...

    Kfir Blumet al. CP violation beyond the MSSM: baryogenesis and electric dipole moments

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