Enchanting reality: a vision of big experiences on small platforms

Enchanting reality: a vision of big experiences on small platforms,Martin Ericsson

Enchanting reality: a vision of big experiences on small platforms   (Citations: 8)
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      @@@@At the junction of the enlivening strategies for cultural heritage and new media are a number of mixed reality approaches that rely on technology for conveying information and engage visitors in museums and heritage sites. This line of development is constantly investigated in major institutions around the world, as exemplified by the “Museum and the Web” conferences.2 By surveying these approaches, storytelling emerges as a major paradigm for building cultural heritage applications. However, in situated environments, storytelling must cope with the requirement of interactivity and the constraints posed by the physical location. For example, in a historical site, the story must dynamically adapt to the trajectories followed by the visitor.

      @@@@An alternative approach, naturally oriented to mobility, is the paradigm of pervasive games (Ericsson 2003, Montola et al...

    Vincenzo Lombardoet al. Storytelling on mobile devices for cultural heritage

    • ...Visby [7] takes a similar approach and connects the players to the mythical side of the Swedish city Visby through the use of GPS location data, smartphones combined with audio feedback by characters from long lost forgotten times...

    Rod McCallet al. Using presence to evaluate an augmented reality location aware game

    • ...Hinted at by Laurel’s Placeholder project of the 1990s, and now revisited in game specific modes (such as World of Warcraft), the use of actual peoples’ intelligences, images, voices, and real locations can overcome many of the Artificial Intelligence limitations of VR systems [44] [45]...

    Andrew Hutchison. Back to the Holodeck: new life for virtual reality?

    • ...(see e.g. [2, 3, 11, 15]) These games do not have a single common denominator making them pervasive, though each of them has salient design features systematically working the way out of the magic circle of play...

    Markus Montola. Exploring the Edge of the Magic Circle: Defining Pervasive Games

    • ...Most of these games are clones of the home console games and make no extra use of the unique properties of mobile computing [3]...

    Jonas Hielscher. CollecTic - Discovering The World Around Us

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