Unitarity potentials and neutron matter at the unitary limit

Unitarity potentials and neutron matter at the unitary limit,10.1103/PhysRevC.81.034003,Physical Review C,Huan Dong,L.-W. Siu,T. T. S. Kuo,R. Machleid

Unitarity potentials and neutron matter at the unitary limit  
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We study the equation of state of neutron matter using a family of unitarity potentials all of which are constructed to have infinite $^1S_0$ scattering lengths $a_s$. For such system, a quantity of much interest is the ratio $\xi=E_0/E_0^{free}$ where $E_0$ is the true ground-state energy of the system, and $E_0^{free}$ is that for the non-interacting system. In the limit of $a_s\to \pm \infty$, often referred to as the unitary limit, this ratio is expected to approach a universal constant, namely $\xi\sim 0.44(1)$. In the present work we calculate this ratio $\xi$ using a family of hard-core square-well potentials whose $a_s$ can be exactly obtained, thus enabling us to have many potentials of different ranges and strengths, all with infinite $a_s$. We have also calculated $\xi$ using a unitarity CDBonn potential obtained by slightly scaling its meson parameters. The ratios $\xi$ given by these different unitarity potentials are all close to each other and also remarkably close to 0.44, suggesting that the above ratio $\xi$ is indifferent to the details of the underlying interactions as long as they have infinite scattering length. A sum-rule and scaling constraint for the renormalized low-momentum interaction in neutron matter at the unitary limit is discussed.
Journal: Physical Review C - PHYS REV C , vol. 81, no. 3, 2010
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