Nonadiabatic Electron Pumping: Maximal Current with Minimal Noise

Nonadiabatic Electron Pumping: Maximal Current with Minimal Noise,10.1103/PhysRevLett.95.130601,Physical Review Letters,Michael Strass,Peter Hänggi,Si

Nonadiabatic Electron Pumping: Maximal Current with Minimal Noise   (Citations: 7)
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The noise properties of pump currents through an open double-quantum-dot setup with nonadiabatic ac driving are investigated. Driving frequencies close to the internal resonances of the double-dot system mark the optimal working points at which the pump current assumes a maximum while its noise power possesses a remarkably low minimum. A rotating-wave approximation provides analytical expressions for the current and its noise power and allows to optimize the noise characteristics. The analytical results are compared to numerical results from a Floquet transport theory.
Journal: Physical Review Letters - PHYS REV LETT , vol. 95, no. 13, 2005
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    • ...I pump α (t )= e 2π 1 2 −∂[fL(E )+ fR(E)] ∂E Tr ˆ G(E) ˆ Γα ˆ G†(E) d dt ˆ Hd dE . (10)...
    • ...from left to right has been found to contain two additional components on top of the pure pumping contribution (10):...
    • ...We observe that both I pump [Eq. (10)] and I mix [Eq. (23)] contain the Fermi functions fα(E) only in the form of...

    Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs. Low-frequency excitation of double quantum dots

    • ...ena. Examples of this are the treatment of quantum pumping in [38] and the treatment of the question of approach to the non-equilibrium steady state in [22]...

    Abhishek Dharet al. Heat Transport in Harmonic Lattices

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