Investigation of lifetimes in quadrupole bands of 142 Gd

Investigation of lifetimes in quadrupole bands of 142 Gd,10.1140/epja/i2007-10533-0,European Physical Journal A,E. O. Lieder,A. A. Pasternak,R. M. Lie

Investigation of lifetimes in quadrupole bands of 142 Gd   (Citations: 1)
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E. O. Lieder, A. A. Pasternak, R. M. Lieder, A. D. Efimov, V. M. Mikhajlov, B. G. Carlsson, I. Ragnarsson, W. Gast, Ts. Venkova, T. Morek, S. Chmel, G. de Angelis
.  For a level scheme investigation of 142Gd an experiment with the γ -spectrometer EUROBALLIII has been carried out and lifetimes have been measured with EUROBALL IV using the Doppler-shift attenuation method. The high-spin states have been populated in these experiments by means of the 99Ru(48Ti, 2p3n) reaction at a beam energy of 240MeV and the 114Sn(32S, 2p2n) reaction at 160MeV, respectively. Reduced E2 transition probabilities B(E2) were determined for 15 members of four quadrupole bands. For the interpretation of the positive-parity even-spin quadrupole bands, calculations in the cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky as well as interacting boson models have been performed. From the former calculations it was concluded that the high-spin states of the (+ , 0)1 band in 142Gd represent a triaxial nucleus rotating around the longest principal axis.
Journal: European Physical Journal A - EUR PHYS J A , vol. 35, no. 2, pp. 135-158, 2008
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