Final-state interactions in η 0 → 3π decay

Final-state interactions in η 0 → 3π decay,10.1007/BF02750008,Il Nuovo Cimento,S. Oneda,Y. S. Kim,L. M. Kaplan

Final-state interactions in η 0 → 3π decay   (Citations: 4)
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Summary  It is shown that the ϱ-mesonic final-state interaction could give rise to the observed asymmetries in the η0 → 3π decay. A dynamical model is presented which explains both the branching ratioP(η0→3π0)/P(η0→π+)+π-+π0) and the existence of a large asymmetric component in the (η0→π+)+π-+π0) decay. The model predicts a relatively small symmetric constant amplitude. It is shown that, in this model, the symmetric constant amplitude vanishes in the limit of the exact 8U3 symmetry and of a constant η-π coupling. A similar discussion is given for the K → 3π decay. Possible effects of the σ0 dipion are also discussed.
Journal: Il Nuovo Cimento , vol. 34, no. 3, pp. 655-664, 1964
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