Industrialization and the Big Push

Industrialization and the Big Push,10.1086/261641,Journal of Political Economy,Kevin M. Murphy,Andrei Shleifer,Robert W. Vishny

Industrialization and the Big Push   (Citations: 719)
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This paper explores Rosenstein-Rodan's idea that simultaneous In- dustrialization ol many sectors of the economy can be profitable for them all even when no sector can break even industrialking alone. We analy~e this idea in the context of an imperfectly competitive economy with aggregate demand spillovers and interpret the big push into industrialization as a move from a bad lo good equilib- rium. We prescIir three mechanisms for generating a big push and discuss their relevance fo~ less developed countries.
Journal: Journal of Political Economy - J POLIT ECON , vol. 97, no. 5, 1989
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