Secure embedded verification of print signatures

Secure embedded verification of print signatures,10.1088/1742-6596/206/1/012036,Journal of Physics: Conference Series,Abdourhamane Idrissa,Thierry Fou

Secure embedded verification of print signatures   (Citations: 2)
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This work aims to embed an object authentication process in a secure electronic architecture for distant verification via imaging. Firstly, the extraction of print signatures [1] is revisited for an implementation in a logical hardware system. Secondly, a protocol scheme to authenticate the verification device and to ensure its integrity is suggested.
Journal: Journal of Physics: Conference Series , vol. 206, no. 1, 2010
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    • ...For example, in [5, 6], the morphometric fingerprint of a printed document is a binary image of a microscopic dot...
    • ...For example, in [5, 6], the binary image of a dot represents the morphometric fingerprint of a document, and the corresponding digital fingerprint composed of a reduced set of numbers characterizes the shape of the dot...
    • ...The morphometric fingerprint of the object is read by an optical Fingerprint Sensor (e. g. for digital microscope camera [6]) that is connected to the Digital Fingerprint Extractor module...

    Abdourhamane Idrissaet al. Secure protocols for serverless remote product authentication

    • ...An early example [9] (see also [10]), recovers a print signature from low-cost digital optical-microscopes based on the radius profiles of binarized circular blobs (of physical diameter 0.07mm) averaged over up to 72 sectors of the circle (measured w.r.t...

    Stephen B. Pollardet al. Model based print signature profile extraction for forensic analysis o...

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