Catalysis in the preparation of fragrances and flavours

Catalysis in the preparation of fragrances and flavours,10.1016/S0926-860X(01)00798-0,Applied Catalysis A-general,Christian Chapuis,Denis Jacoby

Catalysis in the preparation of fragrances and flavours   (Citations: 9)
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This review, with more than 250 references in the field of fragrance and flavour chemistry, summarises recent progress in industrial catalysis. Applications in classical reactions, such as hydrogenations, isomerisations, hydride reductions, oxidations, hydroformylations, metathesis, aldol and Friedel–Crafts condensations in achiral, racemic and asymmetric fashion are discussed.
Journal: Applied Catalysis A-general - APPL CATAL A-GEN , vol. 221, no. 1, pp. 93-117, 2001
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    • ...Instead of the conventional homogeneous acids, heterogeneous acid catalysts have gained importance due to their eco-friendly nature and zeolites (Chapuis and Jacoby 2001; Sheldon and van Bekkum 2001; Cybulski et al. 2001) and cation exchange resins are in the forefront in esterification (Chakrabarti and Sharma 1993; Harmer and Sun 2001; Sharma 1995)...

    Ganapati D. Yadavet al. Activities of clays and ion exchange resins in the synthesis of phthal...

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