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Visualization of blob mechanics in flow through porous media

Visualization of blob mechanics in flow through porous media,10.1016/0009-2509(78)85004-0,Chemical Engineering Science,K. M. Ng,H. T. Davis,L. E. Scri

Visualization of blob mechanics in flow through porous media   (Citations: 45)
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Journal: Chemical Engineering Science - CHEM ENG SCI , vol. 33, no. 8, pp. 1009-1017, 1978
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    • ...Many researchers have examined the relationship of the capillary number (both NC v/σ and other variant N C =krkΔP/Lσ, where kr and k are respectively the relative and intrinsic permeabilities and ΔP/L is the pressure gradient) to the residual saturation, and obtained critical capillary numbers required for initiation and complete mobilization of trapped NAPL in various porous media (Chatzis and Morrow, 1984; Chatzis et al, 1988; Chevalier and Fonte, 2000; Dawson and Roberts, 1997; Morrow and Songkran, 1981; Morrow et al, 1988; Ng et al, 1978; Pennell et al, 1996; Wardlaw and McKellar, 1985)...

    Kamaljit Singhet al. NonAqueous Phase Liquid Spills in freezing and Thawing Soils: Critical...

    • ...The capillary pressure is presented as the height of a corresponding water column h c *. [48] The mean pore throat radius in a random packing of uniform spheres is approximated by [Ng et al., 1978]...

    C. Panet al. Lattice-Boltzmann simulation of two-phase flow in porous media

    • ...This equation has been experimentally verified (Ng et al., 1978) and was also derived by Chatzis and Morrow (1984)...

    Dengen Zhouet al. Displacement of trapped oil from water-wet reservoir rock

    • ...In order to provide an understanding of the effect of particle rearrangement on water retention characteristics under microgravity, a three-dimensional pore network model is developed, based on a two-dimensional network model proposed by Payatakes et al. [2], Ng et al. [3], and Payatakes et al. [4]...


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