Physics of carbon nanotubes

Physics of carbon nanotubes,10.1016/0008-6223(95)00017-8,Carbon,M. S. Dresselhaus,G. Dresselhaus,R. Saito

Physics of carbon nanotubes   (Citations: 138)
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The fundamental relations governing the geometry of carbon nanotubes are reviewed, and explicit examples are presented. A framework is given for the symmetry properties of carbon nanotubes for both symmorphic and non-symmorphic tubules which have screw-axis symmetry. The implications of symmetry on the vibrational and electronic structure of 1D carbon nanotube systems are considered. The corresponding properties of double-wall nanotubes and arrays of nanotubes are also discussed.
Journal: Carbon , vol. 33, no. 7, pp. 883-891, 1995
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