Proactive replication for data durability

Proactive replication for data durability,Emil Sit,Andreas Haeberlen,Frank Dabek,Gon Chun,Hakim Weatherspoon,Robert Morris,M. Frans Kaashoek,John Kubi

Proactive replication for data durability   (Citations: 43)
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Many wide›area storage systems replicate data for durability. A common way of maintaining the replicas is to detect node failures and respond by creating additional copies of objects that were stored on failed nodes and hence suffered a loss of redundancy. Reactive techniques can minimize total bytes sent since they only create replicas as needed; however, they can create spikes in network use after a failure. These spikes may overwhelm application trafc and can make it difcult to provision bandwidth. This paper explores a proactive approach that creates additional copies not in response to failures, but periodically at a x ed low rate. We introduce Tempo, a distributed hash table that allows each user to specify a maximum maintenance bandwidth and uses it to perform proactive replication. Results from a simulation study suggest that Tempo can deliver high durability despite only using several kilobytes per second of bandwidth, comparable to state›of› the›art reactive systems.
Conference: Peer-to-Peer Systems - IPTPS , 2006
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