Interactive and enjoyable interface in museum

Interactive and enjoyable interface in museum,10.1145/1178477.1178478,Fusako Kusunoki,Takako Yamaguti,Takuichi Nishimura,Koji Yatani,Masanori Sugimoto

Interactive and enjoyable interface in museum   (Citations: 1)
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Exhibitions at a scientific museum are usually difficult for ordinary school pupils. To improve the issues of current explanation systems, we use Personal Data Assistant (PDA) devices. Recent PDAs have enough functionality for people to interactively, individually, but it is not easy to assist that school pupils learn scientific knowledge merely using PDA.This research examined the main focus of the design and implementation of visual interfaces for PDAs for such a learning system. We aims the visual interface for PDAs have more interactive and entertainment to engage for learning scientific knowledge. Experiments using two prototype systems(Pi-book and Pit A Pat)implemented in the Flash/MX software toolkit have suggested the effectiveness on the performance and functionality of the proposed method.
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    • ...There is also a certain body of work on using pervasive methods and tools for interactive installations with a certain museum orientation aspect to their use, e.g., [21, 14, 3, 23, 5]. Such works dier from our approach by not using multimodal sensor inputs in order to provide additional interaction with the users, they follow a much more centralized architecture than ours and also provide less capable services of synchronization and ...

    Orestis Akribopouloset al. Developing multiplayer pervasive games and networked interactive insta...

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