Feature selection for identification of spot welding processes

Feature selection for identification of spot welding processes,10.1007/978-3-540-79142-3_7,Eija Haapalainen,Perttu Laurinen,Heli Junno,Lauri Tuovinen,

Feature selection for identification of spot welding processes   (Citations: 5)
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Process identification in the field of resistance spot welding can be used to improve welding quality and to speed up the set-up of a new welding process. Previously, good classification results of welding processes have been obtained using a feature set consisting of 5454 features extracted from current and voltage signals recorded during welding. In this study, the usability of the individual features is evaluated and various feature selection methods are tested to find an optimal feature subset to be used in classification. Ways are sought to further improve classification accuracy by discarding features containing less classification-relevant information. The use of a small feature set is profitable in that it facilitates both feature extraction and classification. It is discovered that the classification of welding processes can be performed using a substantially reduced feature set. In addition, careful selection of the features used also improves classification accuracy. In conclusion, selection of the feature subset to be used in classification notably improves the performance of the spot welding process identification system.
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