Maximum-Likelihood Template Matching

Maximum-Likelihood Template Matching,10.1109/CVPR.2000.854735,Clark F. Olson

Maximum-Likelihood Template Matching   (Citations: 32)
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In image matching applications such as tracking and stereo matching, it is common to use the sum-of-squared- diflerences (SSD) measure to determine the best match for an image template. However, this measure is sensitive to outliers and is not robust to template variations. We de- scribe a robust measure and eficient search strategy for template matching with a binary or greyscale template us- ing a maximum-likelihood formulation. In addition to sub- pixel localization and uncertainty estimation, these tech- niques allow optimal feature selection based on minimizing the localization uncertainty. We examine the use of these techniques for object recognition, stereo matching, feature selection, and tracking.
Conference: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition - CVPR , vol. 2, pp. 2052-2057, 2000
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