Surface simplification using quadric error metrics

Surface simplification using quadric error metrics,10.1145/258734.258849,Michael Garland,Paul S. Heckbert

Surface simplification using quadric error metrics   (Citations: 1416)
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Many applications in computer graphics require complex, highly detailed models. However, the level of detail actually necessary may vary considerably. To control processing time, it is often desir- able to use approximations in place of excessively detailed models. We have developed a surface simplification algorithm which can rapidly produce high quality approximations of polygonal models. The algorithm uses iterative contractions of vertex pairs to simplify models and maintains surface error approximations using quadric matrices. By contracting arbitrary vertex pairs (not just edges), our algorithm is able to join unconnected regions of models. This can facilitate much better approximations, both visually and with re- spect to geometric error. In order to allow topological joining, our system also supports non-manifold surface models. CR Categories: I.3.5 (Computer Graphics): Computational Ge- ometry and Object Modeling—surface and object representations
Conference: Annual Conference on Computer Graphics - SIGGRAPH , pp. 209-216, 1997
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