What happened to pastry

What happened to pastry,10.1145/1243418.1243421,Operating Systems Review,Andrew Herbert

What happened to pastry   (Citations: 2)
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This paper describes how Microsoft Research goes about the process of technology transfer, using the experience of transferring the MS Pastry Distributed Hash Table and its applications as an example.
Journal: Operating Systems Review - SIGOPS , vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 10-16, 2007
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    • ...PAST [11], CFS [5], OceanStore [9], exploit a Distributed Hash Table (DHT)based document routing model [7] [6], such as Pastry [8], Chord [4], and Tapestry [15], to store and retrieve files...
    • ...This is also an important QoS parameter in a large-scale P2P network, since the message communication during this process is not negligible [8]...
    • ...In Pastry [11, 8], each node has a 128-bit node identifier (nodeId) and maintains a routing table, a neighborhood set and a leaf set...

    Ping Geet al. Providing differentiated QoS for peer-to-peer file sharing systems

    • ...Sharing the same goal does not necessarily guarantee seamless operation between the theoretical and practical ways of working [9]...

    Toni Ruottu. Implications of a Trust-To-Trust Design

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